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Review of Kinsta for Managed WordPress Hosting

I recently had the opportunity to set a client up on Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting plan.  I have previously used some of Kinsta’s competitors, such as WP Engine, but hadn’t yet had a chance to try out Kinsta. Kinsta belongs to a group of hosting providers that primarily focus on quality and performance instead of trying to be the lowest price point.  This appeals to clients who have better things to do with their time than to be fighting their website, or spending a weekend trying to figure out why their site is so slow.  And in fact, one of the clients I recently helped move over to Kinsta had been having issues like that on his previous hosting provider, […]

Local WordPress Development: From MAMP to Local by Flywheel

Years ago, when looking for a way to do local WordPress development, I eventually stumbled upon a pretty nifty tool called MAMP.  MAMP stands  for “Mac/Apache/MySQL/PHP”, and it’s the Macintosh equivalent of the well-known Linux-based LAMP stack. While you can configure MAMP by editing configuration files, I decided to upgrade to MAMP Pro, as it gives you an easier UI to use when managing some of your local websites. Despite MAMP ‘mostly working’, it has a number of really annoying downsides as well: MAMP Pro is paid software, but despite buying it multiple times, I don’t really feel like I’ve gotten good value with upgrades. Whenever I visit the website, it seems like there’s a new version that I have […]